Hardcore Fun

Hardcore Fun

Famed for its tiraditos—thin strips of fresh tuna or sea bass cured intiger milk Peruvian marinades with a Capiscum or yellow chilli kick or Nikkei variations that incorporate Peru’s strong Asian gastronomic ties—La Perla has managed to stay one step ahead of the Andean pack by freshening up its menu at least once a year. Peruvian chef Carlos Accinelli works closely with owner Roberto Carrascal to ensure the menu gets a facelift as regularly as the petite diner’s stylish interiors. There’s no shifting the stars of the show though with neither the classic Ceviche Corvina sea bass ceviche or the Lomo La Perla, a sirloin steak served with a Roquefort-laced sauce served on a bed of creamy mushroom rice, showing any signs of going out of fashion any time soon. The owner’s passion for cocktails comes through in La Perla’s impressive selection of Caribbean creations with the bar staff making the most of Colombia’s rich variety of fresh fruits to add a new twist to some staple South American tipples. Centro has lost none of its importance thanks to the universal lure of its colonial pomp and the concentration of government buildings, hotels, tourist attractions, bars and restaurants in the area. Cartagena’s finest hotels and restaurants have taken over the uber-casas built by slave traders and Spanish plunderers in the 17th century. The richest residents knocked up stunning two and three-storey mansions by the westernmost tip of the walled city, where they bagged the sea breeze and first whiff of pirates. Today only those at the very top of Colombia’s rich list can afford to maintain these opulent houses in their original residential state.

Las Juanitas Restaurant

It had been made clear in Tokyo Mew Mew that Ichigo and friends had been de-powered because there was no need for them to fight. Then, we see everyone back at the cafe months later and, depending which version you’re following, either their marks have reappeared and they transform, or Ichigo’s cat ears reappear and Berii looks in the cafe window. A post-credits sequence in Strike Witches features Yoshika receiving a letter from her supposedly-dead father.

But seriously, who saw the first two episodes and thought he was actually dead in the first place? The ending of Petite Princess Yucie has all the lead girls inexplicably attend the Princess Academy once more, even though they all graduated already.

Book Now! Imagine waking up to the raucous cries of scarlet macaws as they fly over your thatched hut on their way to who knows where. Later, as you eat a delicious breakfast in the open air restaurant, overlooking the rainforest and ocean, you’re entertained by .

Everything about the whole experience was really great! The owners were wonderful and the place blew me and my fiance away! The view is the best you will find on the whole coast I kid you not! My only complaint is that it isn’t mine. Book your stay now you. It will change your life! Jonathan Roth This was our best ever vacation.

We organized my 40th anniversary at La Luxuria. Christian Lefebvre Thank you to everyone at La Luxuria. Great location, fantasti views, excellent price. I would recommend La Luxuria to everyone Jacques Marchand Lorraine, Quebec I was hesitant to believe all the 5-star ratings, but after staying here for a week if 6 stars was an option it would deserve it!


This is one of the best locations in the Nicoya Peninsula, right across the bay from the famous Tortuga Island. Yet, great opportunities keep coming such as this delightful terrain. A piece of Costa Rica reserved for those looking for the unbeaten track is now for sale.

As a member of Greentique Hotels, Aguila de Osa is committed to sustainable hospitality in Costa Rica. We have a catch and release policy for all billfish, which are caught using circle hooks. We practice sustainable fishing methods on all our charters.

Turn key Business for Sale. Accessible year around, with own water and electricity right at the road. Impossible to match in the area at this price! This site has added value as water, sewer and electricity hook-ups are ready on-site making building permits quickly accessible. Offered together with an adjacent prime lot for potential expansion, organic plantation, etc.. It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double height ceiling on social area, terrace, double parking with one covered space and a very nice closed backyard!

Costa Rica Marina, Los Suenos, Costa Rica

The Presidential Challenge Conservation Series is proud to call Golfito home as the series moves into its 18th consecutive year of operation in Costa Rica. As with all PCCA events, both private and charter vessels are welcome to participate. This will also be a team tournament where from two to four anglers will be able to fish up to six rods in the cockpit.

Eddie did hook us up with a turtle tracker/guide named Alonzo who I jewed down for a guided tour to see some female turtles laying eggs on the beach here tonight (should be 30 to .

Posted on March 14, by lizthach March 13, — This past week I enjoyed my first visit to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Though better known for coffee than wine, since I was in the country to present a paper on the wine supply chain at the NBES academic conferences, I was naturally curious to learn about the types of wine available in Costa Rica. Therefore I made it my mission to investigate wine lists and store selections during my stay.

Obviously this was not a scientific poll, but it does provide an idea of what types of wine you will find when visiting the country. In addition, Costa Rica actually produces some fruit wines, because wine grapes cannot grow in such a hot, tropical climate. It is interesting to note, that since their alcohol taxes are higher, wine prices are more expensive as well. Hot, Humid Climate Calls for Chilled White Wine, Beer or Rum Drinks Since Costa Rica is covered with many rainforests and volcanoes, and is known for producing coffee and bananas, it obviously has a warm and moist climate.

La Luxuria

It came up in so many guides, books, conversations with other backpackers that we were worried it would be an overblown, over priced tourist flytrap. We are so glad we did! Things in Ecuador are different to countries like Costa Rica and Colombia ; we found that everything is just a bit more mild, laid back and down to earth here. What is considered super touristy in Colombia means you are tripping over Western and South American tourist around every street corner.

Americana Sportfishing will hook you up with Costa Rica’s top captains. Don’t wait – do it now! Call or email us at americanacostarica(at) for an exciting tropical.

Location, silence, and garden and pool are beautifull! Staff was verry kind! The hotel is very lovely and well-mantained. The room is perfectly equipped, there’s even a cooling bag provided for going to the beach which is super close and reachable within 2 minutes. The staff is very helpful and friendly, the breakfast is one of the best we’ve had during our journey. Florian, Germany Santa Teresa’s street is hectic Manala Hotel is an oasis! We prefer small properties, 8 units, all individual for privacy.

Great breakfast by the pool in the restaurant, lush grounds and hummingbirds! Parking by the office with night guard. Ocean access path across the street, great surf, incredible beach, walk for hours.

Why Costa Rica Rocks for Families!

Backpacking Tips Last updated: Jun 14, Backpacking in Costa Rica can be both enjoyable and easy on the wallet if you follow a few basic tips. The country’s reliable public transportation system equals easy access to both coasts and numerous hostels offer both campsites and cheap beds for the night. Although prices are a bit higher than the rest of Central America, the country’s natural beauty and spectacular adventures are unparalleled.

Factor in extra funds for park entrance fees and guided tours.

Costa Rica Tees. Costa Rica t-shirts designed on the beaches of Guanacaste and shipped to your door in the US. It happens, putting off picking up souvenirs until the end of your vacation.

Known for it magnificent beaches, a well preserved historic downtown, Channel Islands National Park , and numerous festivals that take place year round, Oxnard, CA , is a wonderful West Coast weekend destination. Here are the best things to do in Oxnard, California. The beach is also popular with surfers who like to start at Mandalay and surf north towards a beach break near the power plant.

Weekend Getaways, Attractions and Things to do near me: The museum exhibits span from the traditional to the contemporary, and it is home to a prized collection of photographs by Hollywood famed photographer George Hurrell. In addition to the permanent collections, the museum features many pieces that the artists themselves donated, and it also has rotating non-permanent collections throughout the year to keep the museum fresh and to carry out their mission of providing educational value to visitors.

There are also events such as family days, poetry readings, and a book club. It is particularly lovely when wildflowers are blooming in the surrounding dunes. The many tall palms allow you to experience an area that is quintessential California.

Rali Gitano: Manuel Antonio Nightlife: How To Stay At A Beachfront Luxury Condo For Free

The 3 most important things to any successful business!!! You’ll be the center of attention, and your new ideas are bound to make a hit. There is no other centralized location in Golfito for travelers — this is IT. It makes a perfect base for sportfishing in the gulf, hiking in nearby rainforests, boating along the mangrove-lined shores , and snorkeling at remote beaches where both surfers and marine turtles come ashore.

Golfito is connected to the Inter-American highway, 16 miles away, which dead-ends in town. The town itself sprawls along 5 miles of shoreline paralleled inland by steep jungle-clad mountains.

Thanks for sharing your unvarnished and honest perspective of Costa Rica. It is rural with a small town feel in many areas, which doesn’t work for everybody.

So safe and located in amazing setting. The owner was so great to work with. He was in touch with me to help with all the needs we had during our stay. It was so memorable including the awesome view of the gardens to the Pacific plus the beautiful flowers and foillage surrounding us. The condo was perfect for six adults who enjoyed the dining and living areas for home brunches and cocktail parties plus watching dvd’s in the evenings.

We enjoyed a day in Jaco at shops and Wishbone for lunch plus several afternoons at the Beach Club which had a great cafe and view as well. It was a little warmer and rainier in May but very enjoyable and not crowded. We rented a 6 seater golf cart which made going to club easy there is also 4 seater available. Our preference is to have a relaxing vacation along with several excursions to nearby attractions and activities.

The location of the property makes the plan feasible. We did several day trips to zipline, buggy ride, national parks, etc, then return to the condo early enough to enjoy the beach club. Michael is very responsive. He arranged the check in process and gave driving direction and information about local area.

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